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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I attach my domain name to my One Page Website?
A: First you must have a registered domain name with domain registrar such as, or etc.
You then will need to log into your domain name control panel and update the Name Server Information as below.
Secondary: NS2.LOOKNOW.CA
Once you have done this you can log into your account and click "Edit Domain" to select your website and attach your domain name by entering your full domain name and clicking “Save”

Q: How come when I copy and paste the content from my word document the formatting gets changed? The position of text is all different.
A: When you copy content directly from applications such as word document, there are hidden codes which get copied into your One Page Website Maker content editor (Wysiwyg) which can result in your content formatting to be altered.
To prevent this sort of issue you can use "Copy from word" button on your Wysiwyg content editor or copy your content to simple program such as Notepad and then copy the content from notepad to Wysiwyg editor.

Q: What is Wysiwyg? I hear that a lot
A: Wysiwyg stands for "What you see is what you get" it's a web based content editor which enables you to edit your website without use of HTML codes. It's a popular tool on websites with CMS tools

Q: How do I insert a PayPal button on my website?
A: You can log into PayPal to generate a script which you can insert into your website using "Source Edit" or you can generate payment page address from your PayPal (PayPal Email Link Address) and then you can use "Link" button from your Wysiwyg content editor to highlight and insert the link to your website content or payment icons.

Q: How do I upload my PDF brochure and link it from my website?
A: First you'll need to upload your PDF into your WebFTP folder. (Please ensure that your PDF and other documents contain only alphanumeric values to prevent error.)
Once you have uploaded your PDF file, highlight text or image you wish to link PDF to and then use "Link" button and click "Folder" icon to locate your file and save to complete the link process.
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