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The One Page Website Maker (OPW) product offers the most comprehensive and simplest approach to establishing your presence on the World Wide Web.
Designed for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), this simple yet powerful product allows your website to be found quickly and ranked high on the internet search engines by providing useful and pertinent information reflecting your services.
Whether you want to test the waters on the viability of your product by:
  • Seeding your business online
  • Promoting services for a well established business
  • Increasing your presence on the WWW
  • Keeping everyone in touch
OPW will allow you to be heard quickly and efficiently for a low, fixed cost.
Invest a little and gain a lot!
OPW delivers real operating cost savings by replacing the need to start off with expensive and complex websites, allowing users quickly launch a starting point for their business and start generating interest, inquiries and revenue for their products.
The product costs a flat rate of $4.95 a month (plus the annual domain registration fee charged by the domain registrar of your choice). These costs do not fluctuate unlike advertisements which charge you by click of an add banner.
OPW is flexible for many applications such as brochures, event notifications, promotions, small business advertising or special events.
OPW can be customized to your needs as per our available packages, a dedicated team of content writers and designers is available at your fingertips if you require assistance, or you can take matters into your own hands and design the website on your own through the use of the user friendly and simple WYSIWYG interface.
  • Search Engine Optimization analysis and implementation based on your need.
  • Self Traffic Generating Domain selection guidance.
  • Specialized content writing team
  • Quick start to launch period. Launch your website in as little as a day!
  • Professional website for a low fee of 4.95/month*
  • Potential of reselling the site once the value of the domain goes up based on the generated traffic, if the customer no longer requires the OPW.
  • Ability to upgrade the OPW to a multipage website at a later time.
  • Ability to integrate with other Image Bank Products
    - LookNow (Online Website Maker)
    - WindyMail (Email Marketing System)
    - Retails Store Maker (Ecommerce Web Solution)
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